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Sex Crimes

When facing an allegation of sexual misconduct, it is important to consult an attorney immediately.  Adopting a “wait and see” approach or voluntarily submitting to questioning by the police without the benefit of an attorney can have disastrous consequences. 

Thomas Maiello is able to draw on his many years of experience to craft an effective litigation strategy when a client is charged with sexual misconduct.  With quick, decisive intervention it may be possible to prevent an arrest or the filing of formal charges.  The first thing Tom will do is conduct an intensive factual investigation in an effort to challenge the credibility of the accusing witness.

Thomas Maiello also defends clients charged with possession of illicit materials, downloading illicit images onto a computer, and inappropriate communication through use of the internet.  In these types of cases, it is crucial to investigate whether the police violated proper investigative procedures or whether the conduct of the police constitutes entrapment.  Additionally, Tom will investigate whether the police violated well-established rules of search and seizure in obtaining a search warrant. If so, it may be possible to argue that the evidence should be “suppressed” and thrown out of court. 

Some of the charges of sexual misconduct that Thomas Maiello handles are:
  • Sexual Battery (Rape)
  • Internet Sex Crimes   
  • Lewd & Lascivious Act
  • Computer Pornography                              
  • Capital Sexual Battery       
  • Possession of Child Pornography
  • Failure to Register as a Sex Offender
  • Use of Internet to Solicit a Minor
  • Lewd & Lascivious Exhibition
  • Solicitation for Prostitution
  • Date Rape
  • Child Molestation
  • Exposure of Sexual Organs
  • Sexual Assault  
  • Prostitution           
  • Statutory Rape     

With penalties ranging from long state prison sentences to having to register as a sex offender or sexual predator for the rest of one’s life, having a skilled attorney with experience in these types of cases is critical.  Call Tampa criminal defense attorney Thomas Maiello to schedule a free, confidential consultation and case analysis.